2013 Individual Stats

Womens Competition

NameThrowsGoalsPercentage of Scoring Throws
PESAMINO Annie2073315.94%
TONGALEA Sharleen170137.65%
DORE Kellie13575.19%
PHILLIPS Dallas10077.00%
TUTEAO Helena9333.23%
SPICER Petronella13510.74%
DUNN Kate3500.00%

Open Competition

NameThrowsGoalsPercentage of Scoring Throws
TAUHORE Charles2034019.70%
CRESTANI Rob2193616.44%
SOLOMON Paihau1822614.29%
RAWIRI Steven215209.30%
McKENZIE Hamish240197.92%
RAMSAY Troy195178.72%
HEAVEN Lindsay195168.21%
WILLIAMSON Gary208167.69%
EDWARDS Troy148138.78%
NEALE Dylan181105.52%
BARCLAY Paul13096.92%
GRIFFITHS Jason9799.28%
WELLS Dennis14785.44%
MARTIN Andrew12564.80%
TAHANA Jared8766.90%
EDWARDS Sean16342.45%
LAW Michael7434.05%
MOONEY Sinead4636.52%
TRUONG David3937.69%
CURRALEJO Marco10721.87%
PENG Tet3226.25%
TONGALEA John4624.35%
PESAMINO Annie6111.64%
TELFER Tony7211.39%

*Note that total goals will not tally with game scores as own goals are not counted against individuals