2009 Test Series NZ vs AUS

New Zealand vs Australia Test Series, November 2009

aussie ready to defend
dennis wells of new zealand in his defensive position against aussie
The weekend of the 21 and 22 November saw the New Zealand Men's Goalball Team take on Australia.  The five game series took on even more significance than usual with the winners being eligible to compete at the World Champs in Sheffield, England next year.

The last time New Zealand played Australia, Australia won the series 3-2 and so expectations were high in the New Zealand camp.  The New Zealand Men's team consisted of Paihau Solomon, Dennis Wells, Gary Williamson, Mike Law, Jason Griffiths, Charles Tauhore, Troy Ramsay (Coach), Jeff Clendon (Assistant Coach), Chris Orr (Manager) and Hamish Tahana (Technical Advisor).

The first game went down to the wire with the scores tied at 6-6 until there were 12 seconds remaining on the clock, when Australia scored to take out the game.

Australia then went on to take out the second game 10-4, and third game 8-4 and therefore the series.  The fourth
game was all tied up 6-6 at the end of full time and went into extra time.  Once again Australia had the edge and scored to take the game out 7-6.  The fifth game was another close affair with Australia once again coming through and winning 6-5.

Aussie gold team ready to defend
charles tuhore of New Zealand with the ball against aussie
green ready to defend.jpg