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Supporters and Volunteers

Being part of a sport or club of any kind is healthy and sociable. Some people prefer not to participate as a player, but as a valuable and essential support person. There are plenty of roles within the Goalball world for those who are looking to participate in this way. Whether you're a parent wanting to be part of your child's sport, a friend who plays or if you want to help out just because being part of a sporting club is fun, there is room for all sorts of volunteers at local, national and even international level.

You can choose to become a referee or tournament official, with training and progression available. Once certain levels of IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) gradings are reached, you can be invited to tournaments all around the world, including the Paralympics

Local clubs always need volunteers to help out in setup of courts, coaching, game refereeing and acting as a sighted guide. Participation is fun and rewarding and whether you choose a small or large role, your help and support will always be appreciated. 

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