2004 Training Camp Auckland

Productive and Hard Working Training Camp

Over the weekend of May 1st and 2nd a training camp was held in Auckland to select the teams for the Australian State competition as well as general training and skills improvement. The coaches Troy Ramsay, Jeff Clendon, Susan Clark and Jane Spears put all of us through our paces.

Saturday started with warm ups and then the mens and women took turns playing in various combinations so that the coaches could assess each players skill level, preferred position and overall fitness. The games were short but very intensive and competitive, just what we all needed to start the weekend off. These continued until just after lunch at which point the men and women separated and one group going off to a separate room to discuss tactics, drills, team communications and to learn new blocking and throwing techniques. The other group remained on court where the appropriate coaches continued trying out differing combinations whilst also allowing players to experiment with differing positions, blocking and throwing techniques.

Sunday started once again with a solid warm up lead by Logan McMullen and once again the groups separated. This time around full games with complete rules were tried out as well as a spell of penalty throwing and defending. The weekend concluded around 4:00pm and many weary bodies drifted home both throughout Auckland as well as to many other places around NZ. A successful and well worthwhile weekend. The womens teams (mainly Auckland based) were so impressed they will be doing all again May 22 or 23.

Thanks to the Auckland Goalballers for organising a great weekend as well as a big thanks from all the players to the coaches, without whom we would not be able to take the Aussies on.