2003 Sulphur City

Over Queen's Birthday weekend Carey Hammond and Brian Henwood together with their team of volunteers organised a sports weekend in Rotorua. There were teams from Auckland, Manukau South, Waikato, Rotorua and Wellington in attendance.

Blind indoor cricket was played on the Saturday and Sunday morning. Goalball was played on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.
The goalball was contested by eight teams, 2 from Auckland, 2 from Manukau South, 2 from Rotorua and 1 each from Waikato and Wellington.

This tournament saw the first ever all female team participate in a goalball tournament within New Zealand. This team, the Auckland Ants competed well and won a couple of games! The tournament had a mixture of close games and some fairly decisive games.

There was a general lack of padding for the games and those who had their own were loaning them out with rapidity.

The final on the Monday morning was played between the Auckland cockroaches who had been unbeaten through earlier games and the Rotorua A team. It was a fairly tightly contested game until the last few minutes of the game where the Cockroaches managed to get a two goal lead which they held onto until full time.

It is hoped that the tournament continues to grow and be as successful as it was this year.

Well done to Brian, Carey and their team of organisers for an excellent weekend!