2003 Palmerston North Development Camp

A development camp was held in Palmerston North over the weekend of 8 - 9 November 2003 that was a great success. Dennis Wells in defensive position, awaiting a throw from the     other end.

Troy Ramsay, the New Zealand Men's coach was the organiser of the weekend and players from Christchurch through to Auckland attended. There were 10 female and 15 male players as well as some officials in training, one of the biggest turn outs for the game in New Zealand so far. Because of the good number of female players, for the first time games just for woman were arranged. Petronella Spicer the only female New Zealand Representative so far commented that "Though I enjoy playing against the men down in Christchurch, it is wonderful to play and match myself against other women players, it has been fantastic".

The weekend started on Saturday with a series of games in teams of roughly equal ability, with a break at lunchtime followed by some coaching from Troy, Jeff Clendon the GNZ development officer, and the New Zealand players who had been away to Canberra earlier in the year. The emphasis being mainly on defense, and this showed in the much improved defensive work done in further games that afternoon.

Sunday started with further coaching, this time including some skills to do with throwing the ball, as well as further defensive practice. Teams were seeded a little more in the games that were played, all being very close, with low scores (much improved defensive work) and very exciting.

Because the teams were not provincial, the overall outcome was not important but each game was hard fought and played to win, making them excellent to play in and watch.

Four trophies were awarded at the end of the weekend, most improved, and most promising player in both female and male categories. these were

Most Promising Player
Charles Tauhore
Sue Thoms

Most Improved Player

Darius Peautagi
Maria Stevens

Many thanks go out to Troy for all his efforts in organising a great weekend that has really put Goalball on the map and set us up for an exciting and sure to be hard fought nationals next year.

Personally I think the comment from Mike Marsh of Wellington summed it up for me as he staggered off the court after one hard fought game. He was breathing hard, dripping sweat, holding his side from an opposition speed ball and said, "Geez I like this game".