2003 Clash of the Codes

On Saturday September 27 2003 Wellington Goalball took on the KGB - Kanterbury Goalball as part of the Clash of the provinces competition. This event is an annual challenge between Wellington and Canterbury and this was the first year that Goalball was included as one of the 40 or so sports that take place. Not only did the rugby team hold onto the shield, but the National Goalball champions were also able to come away with a win. 

The Canterbury team started strongly and were a couple of goals up when Paul Barclay took a knock to the head and had to retire injured. The rest of the half went pretty much Canterbury's way, though Wellington were able to sneak a couple of goals through later in the half, leaving the half-time score at 7-2. 

The second half was a lot more even and lapses in defensive concentration, meant that a fair number of goals were scored by both teams, 7 apiece to be accurate. the final score, 16-9 to Canterbury. The game was a great success and both teams have decided to try and make this an annual event as part of the Clash of the Codes. 

Team details :
David Piper (captain)
Anthony Horvath
Roger Pooley
Mike Marsh

Paul Barclay
Jeff Clendon
Mark Le Pine
Petronella Spicer
Sean Edwards
Darryl Sherwood

For those with some sight some images from the game follow:

Canterbury     in defense position  waiting for a wellington power throw.

Wellington     in perfect defense positions, all concentration.

Canterbury in full blocking position - You guys wear boxes     don't you?.

Canterbury player about to let the ball free... Goal!