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2006 Presidents Message

January 2006

Another long season has concluded and now it is time to pull up the tape, pack up the goals, hang up the pads and have a few months off. 

Over the weekend of 10 and 11 December a male and female team from Australia visited New Zealand for a transtasman test series in Glen Innes, Auckland. Given the success of the New Zealand mens team in Australia earlier this year it was felt that their games against the Aussies would be rather close. Sadly this was not the case as New Zealand did not really play to their potential and the Aussies certainly looked very good with very strong defence. 

The performance of the New Zealand Womens team was the highlight of the weekend from a Kiwi point of view. The New Zealanders were very competitive against their Aussie opponents and perhaps were a little unlucky to not take a game off their more experienced opponents. 

To follow are the results of each of the eight games:

Game one
Mens test
Australia won ten goals to nil
Half time, Australia led nine goals to nil

Game two
Womens test
Australia won four goals to two
Half time, New Zealand led two goals to one

Game three
Mens test
Australia won eleven goals to three
Half time, Australia led seven goals to three

Game four

Womens test
Australia won three goals to two
Half time, Australia led two goals to nil

Game five
Mens test
Australia won nine goals to three
Half time, Australia led six goals to one

Game six
Womens test
Australia won seven goals to one
Half time, Australia led three goals to nil

Game seven
Womens test
Final score four goals each
Half time, Australia led two goals to one

Game eight
Mens test
Australia won eight goals to two
Half time, Australia led four goals to nil

On behalf of Goalball New Zealand I offer my sincere thanks to all those who helped to make this weekend run smoothly.

This year we have plans to get younger people involved in our sport. We will also be holding our National Tournament over Labour  Weekend and there may be further International opportunities available for our National Squad members.

Our last two National Tournaments have seen two cracking finals as the men from Christchurch did battle with the men from Auckland and on both occasions the blokes from the Mainland came through with both games going to extra time. I am sure that this year's final will be just as close.

Last year the Women from Auckland took out the title against a combined side from Canterbury and Waikato. We are hopeful that with younger players joining our sport that we can increase the numbers in our Women's competition so the all round skills and strengths of the Women's competition be be further improved.

But for now it is time to take a break, well for the players anyway as the behind the scenes administration quietly carries on. On behalf of Goalball New Zealand I would like to thank all those who have contributed to our sport over the last twelve months. We value your enthusiasm and support as we endeavour to take it to another level this year.

Best wishes for the new year

Murray Peat
Goalball New Zealand