For Community/Regional Sport & Recreation Officers

Sport has many valuable benefits for those who play and participate. Muscular and aerobic fitness extends our lifespan and makes daily living significantly easier. Playing in a team environment adds much to a persons character. Healthy competition is proven to aid people in dealing with difficulties and adversity. Playing sport is just great fun - Goalball in particular!

One of the most significant benefits of Goalball is its level playing field. This means that blind and visually impaired people can participate in a sport with sighted peers on an equal footing. This mixed with the small number of participants and short time of a game, makes this an ideal sport where numbers maybe an issue. Goalball can be played mixed in gender, age and sight categories very successfully. It is also very easy and quick to setup a court making 1 - 2 hour game sessions very easy to organise.

The equipment requirements for Goalball are quite minimal. A Goalball, some padding for players, string, tape and a hall to play in. Goals add to the game but are not essential. GNZ can help in providing some of this equipment when you require it.

GNZ is dedicated to spreading the game throughout New Zealand and would be willing to help in setting up local competitions, provide training and coaching to Sport and Recreation officers, as well as providing demonstrations and coaching players and volunteers.

Why not consider setting up a goalball league in your region?