Goalball Equipment

Standard Goalballs weigh 1.25kg and are hollow with two bells in the centre and holes through the ball for audibility.
This is the size of Goalball used at international tournaments.

Junior Goalballs (players approx. 12 years and under) are smaller and lighter.
They can be purchased online from Modern Teaching Aids (MTA)

Blacked out eyeshades are a requirement.  Referees check eyeshades whenever a player comes on court (start of each half and substitutions), and no light must be visible to the referee when held up to the face.  All vents and the lens have to be completely blacked out.  Make sure there is good foam padding
Targe eyeshades
around the goggles, as there cannot be any gaps in contact with the face - in particular check how they fit around your nose. 

You can make your own Goalball eyeshades by modifying ski goggles.  You can usually find a cheap pair on trademe for under $30, or search online stores.  Purpose made Goalball eyeshades are more expensive.  Targe eyeshades are available direct from They ship internationally.

How do you clean eyeshades?  They can get very sweaty and potentially very smelly!  Some players throw them in the washing machine - this is OK if it's a cheap pair but not good for the longevity of the eyeshades, and possibly not that good for the washing machine either.

Rinse the shades under cold water, wiping the inside of the lens and squeezing the foam and strap.  Towel dry and spray the foam and straps with Extra strength Febreze with Ambi Pur, this stuff is fantastic!  Wipe the inside of the lens and leave the shades sitting foam side up to dry.

Knee and elbow pads are necessary for everyone.  Hart Sport sell good pads at reasonable prices, view their website here.  The Predator kneepads give more protection.  Nike volleyball kneepads are heavier duty but more expensive, available from Rebel Sport.
Predator kneepads from Hart Sport
Nike Bubble Volleyball Knee Pads from Rebel Sport

Chest protectors are recommended for women for practise and are mandatory for competition, as are groin guards for men.  Men may also wear chest protection.  Some players wear shin guards.  Hip protection is also recommended - a large square of dense foam is ideal.

EconoGuard Chest Protector from QP Sport
Womens EconoGuard chest protector from QP Sport

Court markings

Court markings are tactile, cord under tape.  We use Daytek 3.5mm diameter clothesline cord, available from Bunnings.  It has a fibrous filling rather than wire, which can be dangerous.  Unlike thin rope or cord, the clothesline will keep its shape and not flatten, and will stretch but not shrink.  We were wondering what was going on when our old strings lost up to a metre in length over one season!

Lines are held down with 5cm wide tape.  Before you lay a full court be careful to test the tape to make sure it pulls up cleanly without leaving glue residue or ripping up varnish on wooden floors.  Woven tape often leaves little pieces behind on the floor which are difficult to remove.  We use Danco 100 PE Joining Tape 48x30m from Attwoods.  We tested a lot of different tapes and this came out the winner on wood, lino and Taraflex sports floors.

For details of tournament equipment visit the Officials page